We Were Wild’s collage installations combine their own photography of the changing city with fabrics, botanical images and historical photos. They create interactive, hybrid fantasy worlds of real-life urban spaces.

Meredith Feniak experiments with both ancient and modern artistic techniques and materials. Her experience as a botanical artist and illustrator injects flora and fauna into We Were Wild’s installations.

Risa Friedman is a photographer and paper artist. She explores the built environment through a focus on architectural detail and blocks of color.

Both artists have degrees in sociology which fuel their fascination with the evolving city and the interactive elements of their work. The disintegration of their street art is as important as the creation of each piece. In indoor installations, mirrors and peep holes encourage curiosity. Meredith and Risa love to watch and learn from how people engage with their installations.

We Were Wild 

Meredith Feniak & Risa Friedman

917-543-5375 | studio@we-were-wild.com | we-were-wild.com | instagram.com/we_were_wild

303 South Broadway Ste 200-481 Denver CO 80209


Installations & Exhibitions

Crush Walls Urban Art Festival. Mural Collaboration with Anthony Garcia, Sr. Denver, CO. September 2020 - present.

ColorCon. Paste Up Installations. Denver, CO. August 2020 - present.

Ingrained 2.0. Understudy. Denver, CO. February 2020.

Artists Take Action. Instagram Fundraiser. February 2020.

Reconstructing Western Landscapes. Solo Show. Alto Gallery. Denver, CO. November - December 2019. 

Crush Walls Urban Art Festival. Mural Collaboration with Anthony Garcia, Sr. Denver, CO. September 2019 - September 2020.

Rino Arts Fest. Urban Cyclist. Art and music festival. Denver, CO. July 2019 - present.

Home/Maker. Fundraiser for Mercy Housing. Denver, CO. April - May 2019. 

Learn and Skate. Group Show and Fundraiser. Les Abattoirs Modern and Contemporary Art Museum. Toulouse, France. April 2019.

Center for Visual Art. Installation. Denver, CO. February 2018 - present.

Weathervane Café. Installation. Denver, CO. November 2018 - present.

Eyes Open Boutique. The Source Hotel. Dressing room installation. Denver, CO. November 2018 - present.

Globeville Recreation Center. Installation. Denver, CO. September 2018 - present.

Crush Walls Urban Art Festival. Installation. Denver, CO. September 2018 - July 2019.

Where Wood Meets Steel. Installation. Denver, CO. June 2018 - present.


Curatorial Work

Fray: Curated by We Were Wild. Denver, CO. November 2020 - December 2020.


Artist Talks

“Reconstructing Western Landscapes” Artist Talk. Alto Gallery. November 9, 2019.

“Bad News Babes” Girl Crush Panel. With Koko Bayer and Alicia Cardenas and moderated by Lucille Wenegieme. September 4, 2019. 



“Entanglements” Denver Art Museum Untitled Creative Fusions. Monet inspired paste-up workshop. January 31, 2020.

“Reconstructing Western Landscapes”  Alto Gallery. Wild wolves paste-up workshop. November 9, 2019.



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Meredith Feniak | meredithfeniak.com | instagram.com/meredith_feniak

Illustrator, fine artist, muralist, curator, collaborator and arts educator.

Denver Botanic Gardens School of Art and Illustration. Certificate in Botanical Illustration. 2014.

Denver Botanic Gardens School of Art and Illustration. Teacher: adult certificate requirement and elective courses, teen summer and virtual courses, child through adult outreach programs. 2014-present.


Risa Friedman | risafriedman.com  | instagram.com/risafriedman

Photographer, paper artist, curator, fundraiser, and public health professional.

Committee member for the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment Community Mural Project. 2019.

Manager and co-curator of the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment “Picturing Colorado Maternal and Child Health” community photo project and traveling photography show. In progress.